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The Creation Story

Hogarth opened for business in 2008 in an attic room above a shop near London’s Carnaby Street. Our Internet connection came from a cable slung out of a window and the floor sloped so much that all the chairs ran towards one corner. Eventually we had fourteen people working in that room. This made it so full that we had to use the Brazilian coffee shop opposite for our meetings. In memory of these roots the founders of the company are still known as the “Attic Fourteen”.

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E-mail de contato: contato@vagascomunicacao.com
Skype: vagascomunicacao
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Vagas Comunicação

Nosso site oferece um serviço de baixo custo para profissionais e empregadores.
Estamos desde 2012 trabalhando para sermos referência como portal de busca de empregos.